How legal is lock-picking?

The United States has specific laws that deal with possessing lock-picking or burglar tools. These are very different from actual criminal activities.

The tools do not define the crime; it is the possessor of the tools. The lock smith has the same tools as a common burglar and yet one uses it for our benefit and security and the other to break this security and create our loss. For a person to possess the tools of lock-picking there is a certain amount of penalty according to its potential for crime. One can be charged with trespassing and possession of illegal tools at the same time. The burglar tools can also result in a felony charge. The severity of the penalties differs according to the different states.

The tools that are considered burglar tools are also differently defined according to the different states, as well. Some states are fairly specific while others are vague in their definition. A common everyday tool can also be used for lock picking so it is difficult to understand what is legal and what is not.

This is an uncertain sphere as the law is inflexible and flexible in both ways. The decision to arrest for lock picking depends purely on the circumstances which constantly differ. The state jurisdiction decides which cases are considered a felony and which are not. Lock picking is practiced by both locksmiths and common thieves. This is also considered an art which requires quite a lot of practice before one can truly master it.