Defining a Cylindrical lock

The cylindrical lock is constructed with a cylinder that is made by a locksmith. The process is very easy; all a locksmith has to do unscrew so as to facilitate the rekeying. The cylinder has various locking mechanisms where the pin tumbler lock, disc tumbler lock and the wafer tumbler lock are prime examples.

There are various advantages of using a cylinder lock. The profile cylinder lock or cylinder lock can be used without changing or altering the bolt work of the hardware. The cylinder is a very typical mechanism where the set screw is loosened. After this, the cylinder from the bolt work is unscrewed. The other advantage is that it is easy to obtain cylinder locks of various kinds from lock manufacturers.

All these different forms of cylinder can use the same form of key. The user uses this common key and the master key system in which the various types of lock is incorporated. The different types of cylinder locks are night latches, roller door locks and deadbolts. The padlock is also a type of removable cylinder.

There are various types of cylinder like the key-in knob set cylinder, Ingersoll format cylinder, rim cylinders, mortise cylinders and oval cylinders. There are also lock cylinders that have various lengths. This is suited according to the different thickness of the door. The profiles differ according to different countries.

United States have a specific measurement according to this. The cylindrical lock is a useful means of security for everyday use.